our mission

As the world continues to industrialize, downing trees and clearing land to lay new parking lots and build new strip malls, many of us find ourselves surrounded by concrete jungles and a sense of melancholy. Cities with overcrowded streets, or towns full of empty buildings, and what feels like an increasingly bitter attitude from strangers around us. We venture into the gray, power through our day, and return to the comfort home. Wash, rinse, repeat.

We, here at Urban Groves, believe that "home" is more than just a roof and walls to keep the rest of the world out. We believe that "home" is an extension of ourselves and a sanctuary for our minds as well. A place for mental and emotional healing after facing the daily stresses of the modern world. That said, our mission is to make this possible for you by offering an extensive catalogue primarily consisting of eco-friendly, sustainability sourced items that will bring life and spirit into your home.